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Nebraska River

Doc Hodges


I wish I had a girl to go away with me to New York City

Ride along beside me in the front seat of my old ‘65

We’d talk and laugh about things that didn’t matter

Hit that Big Apple

Like two rock stars singin’, “You won’t take me back alive”


In a town in Mississippi, there’s a girl I remember everyday

Cornersville and Denver, Detroit, the story's all the same

The roads of life don’t bring us together

Maybe it’s better

Friends that can’t be lovers will never call my name


And I’ve died for lifetime without you

And I’ve crossed the divide on my own

And I never thought I’d be standin’ on the road alone


On a small Nebraska river there’s a town where I fin’ly rest

I don’t know the stranger, details just get in the way

Tomorrow I’ll head back to Colorado

Remember the sorrow

But for now I’m in love, if only for today

For now I’m in love, if only for today

Let You Get Away

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