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The Cold Hard Facts of Life

Doc Hodges
Mel McDaniel


I got back in town a day before I planned to

And I smiled and said, “I’ll sure surprise my wife

I don’t think I’ll call, I’ll just go on home”

I didn’t know the cold hard facts of life


I passed a little wine store on the corner

And I pictured pink champagne by candlelight

Stopped the car right then, got out and hurried in

My mind not on the cold hard facts of life


A stranger stood there laughin’ at the counter

He said, “I’ll have two bottles of your best

Her husband’s out of town and there’s a party”

He winked as if to say, “You know the rest”


I left the store two steps behind the stranger

From there to my house his car stayed in sight

It wasn’t ‘til he turned into my drive that I learned

I was witnessin’ the cold hard facts of life


I drove around the block ‘til I was dizzy

Each time the noise came louder from within

And then I saw our bottle there beside me

I drank a fifth of courage and walked in


Man, you should’ve seen their frantic faces

As she screamed and cried, “Please put away that knife”

I guess I’ll go to Hell, or rot here in this cell

But who taught who the cold hard facts of life

Autumn in July

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