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Doc is a singer-songwriter from Tennessee whose debut solo album, "Autumn in July", was released in 2011.  The album has been popular among folk/country fans, receiving radio play and charting on Roots Music Radio.  He comes out of the old school of folk and country with twisting lyrics and heart-breaking melodies delivered with a haunting voice and a lonesome harmonica.

In 2013, Doc was joined by local backing duo the "Extended Players".  The EPs bringing a swinging charge of electricity to the traditional country sound.  Performing originals and classics in a modern Americana style, seeing Doc and the EPs live is an amazing musical experience.

 “Autumn in July” is a book of trials and tribulations, contemplation and reflection, being delivered to you through beautifully arranged music – for your pleasures, for your soul.  The influence of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan are evidenced in Doc’s lyrical phrasing and playing style.  His methodic cry of “It’s a thousand miles to Omaha, but your mem’ry is right here with me” opens the album and reaches the depths of melancholy that only an experienced sufferer can endure and overcome.  Doc genuinely covers the traditional “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”, Neil Diamond’s “Captain of a Shipwreck”, Bob Dylan’s “Tell Ol’ Bill”, and “The Cold Hard Facts of Life” (made famous by Porter Wagoner), as well as adding 10 deeply personal originals that detail the conflicting conditions of the human spirit.  If you’ve ever wondered what life is like “When I Ain’t Drinkin’”, or how to embrace a “Nebraska River”, or when to turn against a cold wind bringing the title track “Autumn in July”, this album gives answers to those who yearn for something, anything to make sense of this crazy world.

The track “Tell Ol’ Bill” was previously released on a regional Bob Dylan tribute called “Positively Pike’s Peak – The Pike’s Peak Region Sings Bob Dylan”, released in 2010.  This CD featured tracks of Colorado Springs area artists covering various Dylan songs with the westward open sky influence.

Doc plays locally in and around Alexandria, Virginia.

You can listen to and/or purchase any of his fabulous songs by visiting the following websites as well as traditional digital store fronts of Amazon, iTunes, or CDbaby.




For publishing, placement, or booking opportunities, contact Doc at 719-464-6071 or dr.jhodges@hotmail.com.