Raw and powerful, this music harkens back to the days of Speakeasy's, dustbowls, and the self-suffiicient spirit that forged America.  Delivered with passion and unbridled emotion, Jeremy gives a stormy, heartfelt performance.  Congratulations on a job well done.  ” - Ted Shinn

CD Baby - Slice of Americana - Autumn in July Review

It is so nice hearing a rich, raw and vibrant recording like this. Thank God they still make artists like Doc. Great songs, honest delivery and a textured voice makes this recording a most welcome friend. Head down I-25 to the Colorado/New Mexico line with this CD playing and you will know what I mean. These songs are at the heart of America. Integrity in the music industry will be saved as long as there are albums like these. Well done Doc, you got a fan for life here.  ” - Jason Bennett - Eleven Mile Records

CD Baby - Rock Solid Debut - Autumn in July Review

Jeremy "Doc" Hodges's old school country/campfire vibe is refreshing amongst the cookie cutter acts of CMT and the like. From the opening track and beyond, Doc's voice mixes the best of Waylon and Johnny Cash into stories that matter. The sweetest acoustic tracks are "By and By" and then prepare for the five-hanky "Tired of Being Lonely". Mr. Hodges lays his heart on the line - and puts it in his music for all to enjoy.”

— A&R Select

We've just got a few more for you," says Lindsay Weidmann, the popular indie/folk singer and Colorado College alum, "including this one by..." And with a deep and utterly sexy pause, she then sighs, "Bob Dylan, my favorite storyteller, songwriter. With the help of her On Occasion band, Weidmann then slips into an absolutely beautiful rendition of the 1964 classic, "Boots of Spanish Leather." As I'm enjoying the track, the first of 13 found on the soon-to-be-released Positively Pikes Peak — a regional tribute to the great poet born Robert Allen Zimmerman — I think to myself, "Dangit, Bobby. How many thousands of times have those exact words been uttered (although not always as attractively) on stages, in bars, in dorm rooms, and on street corners all the world over!? Yes," my mind continued, "but how many of us are so lucky to get to absorb and enjoy this musical legacy in the shadow of an equally inspirational testament to nature, Pikes Peak?" And it was that precise spirit, I am sure, that local folk singer Jason Bennett set out to capture with this release. I got a lot of submissions," says Bennett, who over the past year has painstakingly compiled the music, raised the funds, and wrangled the legal buffaloes to get the album out. "I just didn't want to keep it all in the singer-songwriter genre, the stripped-down acoustic stuff. So that's what I was kind of looking for: A little bit of folk, a little country rock. A little bit of this, and a bit of that. Now, not all the tracks end up hitting with the intensity of their original counterparts, with most performances leaning heavily toward the "lighter" side of the folk spectrum. But there are a couple of real knockout punches, most specifically Jeremy Hodges' haunting rendition of "Tell Ol' Bill." Not haunting in tone, mind you, but haunting in the sense that Hodges, an artist I had not previously heard, has the reincarnated vocal chords of a long-lived Johnny Cash. I swear to God ... with a capital "G"! I almost fell out of my chair, the likeness is so absolutely unbelievable. Anyhow, the album will be released to the public this Saturday, Dec. 11, with a massive Dylan tribute at Manitou's Venue 515. Expect performances by Weidmann, Bennett, Ted Shinn, Rick Stahl, Heidi and Deanna Cooper, Randy Ruebsamen, Jeremy Hodges, Barry Beard, Bill W and Misti Walker, Andrew de Naray and Chuck Haas. Proceeds from the show — $10 includes a copy of the CD! — and sales of the disc are set to benefit the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR). Not only would they make great early holiday gifts around the office, you could also buy them in bulk and send them to friends and family far and wide ... just sayin'! For more information, and a complete list of participating retail locations, be sure to visit positivelypikespeak.com.” - Adam Leech

Colorado Springs Independent